A List of 100 Books every Pakistani Should Read

Below is a list of Famous books mentioned by various notable personalities to understand Pakistan and the world in a better and different way

  1. The Battle for Pakistan Shuja Nawaz
  2. In the line of Fire-Pervaiz Musharaf
  3. The Spy Chronicles- Asad Durrani and AS Dulat
  4. Such to ye hai- Ch Shujat Hussain
  5. Controversially Yours-Shoaib Akhtar
  6. Pakistan -Imran Khan
  7. Game Changer – Shahid Khan Afridi
  8. Daughter of the East – BB Bhutto
  9. From Kargil to Coup -Naseem Zahra
  10. The Great tragedy – ZA Bhutto
  11. Pathway to Pakistan – Ch Khaliq uz Zaman
  12. On China -Henry Kissinger
  13. World Order – Henry Kissinger
  14. The Idea of Pakistan -Stephen Cohen
  15. Whispers in the Desert -Fatima Bhutto
  16. Songs of Blood and Sword- Fatima Bhutto
  17. Don’t sweat the small stuff -Richard Carlson
  18. The Farewell to Arms- Ernest Hemingway
  19. The old man and the Sea -Ernest Hemingway
  20. Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austin
  21. Sense and Sensibility-Jane Austin
  22. Origin of Species- Charles Darwin
  23. Towards new Pakistan- Ayub Khan
  24. War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy
  25. Clash of Civilization – Samuel P Huntington
  26. Remaking of the World Order- Samuel P Huntington
  27. Higher than Hope – Fatima Meer
  28. Time Machine – H G Wells
  29. Being and Nothingness – Jean Paul Satre
  30. The Great Gats– Scot Fitzgerald
  31. Living History – Hilary Clinton
  32. Das Capital – Karl Marks
  33. The lessons of History- Will Durrant
  34. Madness & Civilization- Micheal Foucault
  35. Jinnah of Pakistan -Stanley Welport
  36. Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan: His Life and Times
  37. Jinnah India Partition and independence – Jaswant Singh
  38. The Art of The Deal – Donald Trump
  39. The wealth of the Nations- Adam Smith
  40. Quaid e Azam the story of a Nation – G Allana
  41. Neither a Hawk nor a Dove-Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri
  42. Gandhi and Stalin – Louis Fischer
  43. Sword of Tipu Sultan
  44. Friends, not Masters-Ayub Khan
  45. My Brother-Fatima Jinnah
  46. Power failure -Syeda Abida Hussain
  47. From Plassey to Pakistan- Humayun Mirza
  48. We learnt nothing from history – Asghar Khan
  49. Quaid e Azam the story a nation – G Allana
  50. India Wins Freedom – Abdul Kalam Azad
  51. 1984- George Orwell
  52. Why Nations Fail (- Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson)
  53. Pakistan, the formative Phase, 1857-1948 (- Khalid B. Sayeed)
  54. Pakistan: A Hard Country – Anatol von Lieven
  55. The sole spokesman: Jinnah the Muslim league and demand for Pakistan
  56. History of Ottoman Empire and Turkey – Shaw
  57. Gulliver’s Travels- Jonathan Swift
  58. 1984-George Orwell
  59. The way of the World- Ron Suskind
  60. As you like
  61. Macbeth
  62. King lear -William Shakespeare
  63. Rise and fall of Roman Empire-Edward Gibbon
  64. The Sealed Nectar(Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum)-Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri
  65. The Republic -Plato
  66. The Brief History of Time-Stephen Hawking
  67. The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan-Aitzaz Ahsan
  68. The struggle for Pakistan- I H Qureshi
  69. Frankenstein- Mary Shelley
  70. A case of exploding mangoes- Muhammad Hanif
  71. Witness to surrender-Brig Siddiq Malik
  72. Working with Zia – Gen KM Arif
  73. Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah as I knew him-A.H. Isphani
  74. The Great Divide Britain India and Pakistan – H.V. Hudson
  75. The military and Politics in Pakistan – Hassan Askari Rizvi
  76. Shah Baleeghuddin ‘Tuba
  77. From Plassey to Pakistan -Humayun Mirza
  78. The End of India – Khushwant Singh
  79. The Narrow Corridor’ – Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson
  80. Sapiens’, the author Yuval Noah Harari
  81. The Future is Faster Than You Think, – Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler
  82. ‘Exponential’ – Azeem Azhar
  83. ‘The age of AI and our human future’ – Henry A. Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocker,
  84. ‘The Pentagon’s brain’ an uncensored history of DARPA – Annie Jacobsen
  85. Warbot – Kenneth Payen
  86. Punjab – Rajmohan Gandhi
  87. The Man Who Ruled India – Philip Mason
  88. An Era of Darkness- Shashi Tharoor
  89. Hayat-e-Javed- Altaf Hussain Hali
  90. Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia – Ayesha Jalal
  91. Empire and Islam – David Gilmartin
  92. The Sole spokesman Ayesha Jalal
  93. Dominique Lapierre, Larry Collins – Freedom at Midnight
  94. Harf e Shaug – Mukhtar Masood
  95. Issues in Pakistan’s Economy – S. Akbar Zaidi
  96. Pakistan Economy of Elitist State -Ishrat Hussain
  97. Growth and Inequality in Pakistan- Hafeez Pasha
  98. Pakistan Experience with formal Law -Osama Siddique
  99. Language, Policy, Identity and Religion- Dr Tariq Reman
  100. New Pakistani Middle Class- Ammara Maqsood
  101. Revelation: The Story of Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) – Meraj Mohiuddin
  102. Capital & Ideology – Thomas Piketty
  103. The Anarchy – William Dalrymple
  104. Upheaval (How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change) – Jared Diamond
  105. Why Nations Fail – Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
  106. The Metric Society – Steffen Mau
  107. The Big Picture – Sean Carroll
  108. Life 3.0 – Max Tegmark
  109. Superintelligence – Nick Bostrom
  110. The Art of Thinking Clearly – Rolf Dobelli
  111. An apology for Muhammad and Muhammadans-John Davenport

The reviews of the above-mentioned Books will be shared in the upcoming posts. If you have anything interesting to share, Kindly let us know in the comments section